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[B2G1] Original Microfiber Velvet Sponge Blush (Pink)

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Microfiber layer doesn't absorb any product, thus saves more than 40% of your makeup and gives full coverage Read more

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 Plume microfiber sponge 



Here's why our Microfiber velvet sponges are the only makeup blenders that you need:

  • Microfiber Velvet Sponges that are soft and fuzzy on the skin
  • Microfiber layer doesn't absorb any product, thus saves more than 40% of your makeup and gives full coverage
  • Latex-Free, Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Soft and fuzzy, gives an airbrushed smooth finish
  • Cleans well & retains shape - will last very long




  • 1 Praush thMicrofiber Beauty Sponge (Flat Bottom) in the shade Blush (Pink)



Important Note: You might receive your Cult Favorite product from Praush or Plume. Rest assured, the products and the quality are exactly the same.

Maximum Retail Price: Rs.650 (incl. all taxes)
Company Address: 71/27, G/F, Room No.-2, Prem Nagar New Delhi 110058 IN
Country of Origin: PRC


Q- How are microfiber velvet sponges better?

A- Microfiber velvet sponges have a layer of microfiber above the normal sponge that prevent makeup products from getting absorbed. This fuzzy layer saves more than 40% of your expensive makeup products. 

Q- Do you wet the sponge before applying foundation?
A- Makeup sponges perform the best when they are used wet. Run the sponge under water until the sponge grows considerably in size. When it is completely full with water, squeeze it nicely. Please remember to let the sponge grow fully before squeezing. Now the sponge is ready to use with foundation, concealer, and contour products.
Q- Are Plume sponges latex free?
A- Yes, Plume sponges are latex free. They are made with the best quality material and do not harm the skin in any way.
Q- How to clean makeup sponges in the right way?
A- You can clean makeup sponges with a mild shampoo or soap. Do not use dishwash liquid or hand soap. The microfiber layer might damage if you do so. Squeeze out some shampoo on the sponge and rub it with your fingers. Do not poke your nails or scratch the surface of the sponge. Run the sponge under water and  let it become considerably bigger in size. Once the sponge grows fully with water, squeeze out. Repeat the process until clean. Keep the sponge in open, on a flat surface until it is completely dry. Do not store inside a drawer, box, pouch until it is dry. However, the wet and dry sponge case by Plume can be used to store wet sponges because it has ventilations.

How to use?

Dampen the sponge in normal water. The wet sponge will be 2x of its original size. Squeeze it gently to release the water. Don’t squeeze it harshly or poke it with your nails as this can result in sponge tearing. Now, start dabbing the makeup sponge to blend your liquid foundation, concealer or any liquid product. Use dabbing motion all over your face to spread the product evenly. For powder products, the sponge can be used wet or dry. Dip the sponge in powder and swipe or dab over the area where you want to apply powder. Clean the sponge with mild shampoo or soap after every use. Store only after it’s completely dry.

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[B2G1] Original Microfiber Velvet Sponge Blush (Pink)

Rs. 650 Rs. 617