8 Nail Care tips for that Gram-Worthy- Beautiful Nails

Have you ever felt that your nails are just breaking and splitting on their own? If something happens and it breaks, we get that, accidents happen! But unnecessary breakage can happen for a lot of reasons and should be treated at an early stage. Coz who wants brittle nails? Duh!
From anyone who continuously bites their nails to people who like to maintain their nails, we all want a perfect Gram-Worthy-Looking- Nails. It gives a polished look to the personality as well as completes each look with utmost sophistication.
Here are a few tips to keep your nails healthy, strong and stunning, we promise! So, let’s go beauties!

1. Treat your nails like you treat your skin 

Your nails are sensitive and delicate, better to treat them the same way. We usually use our nails as a tool to open a tight jar or a bottle and end up breaking our nails. Don’t be lazy, grab an opener next time! Using nails to lift heavy items can cause the nail surface to get separated from the skin. Scary isn't it? Why don’t you try putting that weight on your arms, and consider it as an easy workout? WIN- WIN situation!
It's crucial to be kind to our nails and not use them as TOOLS.


Eating clean is always a hard choice, at least for me. But, a bit of tweaking in your diet and having a load-up amount of protein can improve the quality of your nails. Your nails are made up of protein itself called Keratin, hence having protein-rich food such as beans, nuts, etc, and adding vitamin E, biotin supplements and fish oil can make a massive improvement in the texture of your nails. It’s time to reduce some cheesiness from your life and add some perks of greens.

3. Stay Hydrated, Stay Nourished 

Just like your skincare, nail care is something you cannot miss out on. Clean your nails at the end of the day just like you wash your face before sleeping. Use any mineral-rich oil, moisturizer, or hand cream on your cuticles to keep them nourished while you take your beauty sleep. Like all moms say, drinking a glass of water every 1 hour will make you glow instantly and of course, make a difference in your overall health. Let’s give this a try coz, you know moms are always right!

4. Give your nails a BREAK! 

Taking a break is always the best decision whether it's from work or a strict diet. Give yourself a break from all nail polishes and rich pigmented colors and let them be on a vacation far from all the toxic chemicals for a while! This gives the nails the time to rejuvenate  & get back all the nourishment that it has already lost. Select the shut-down mode for gel polishes and nail extensions for a while even if you are getting nail inspo posts continuously while scrolling through Instagram. Be strong, love! It’s a matter of a few days, it will pass on.

5. Short nails, no complaints 

Nail health is more important than nail length, keep this in mind! If your nails are long but unhealthy, they won’t last. I agree with the point that long nails look elegant and classy but imagine having short nails; how easier it will be to grab things and to TYPE. Enjoy this fresh phase for a bit until your nails grow back stronger!  Short, clean-shaped nails are cute and definitely easier to manage. (High-five to short nails squad).


6. Be kind to your cuticles 

The cuticle serves as the base which seals the nail to its surface. I would think twice about cutting or trimming my cuticles, it can break the seal of protection making the area prone to bacterial infections. Always opt for pushing back the cuticles, just like you push back your exes!

7. A base coat is a PRIORITY!

While painting your nails, always use a base coat first and then your nail polish. It creates a layer on your nails to avoid the stain of the polish and gives an opaque finish to the overall applicataion. 
If you find your nails yellowing after multiple applications of nail polishes, this is your sign to use a base coat underneath.

8. Wear your weapons when cleaning 

We often just start to clean dishes or moping or even do gardening with bare hands.  Have you ever wondered about the number of germs present and chemicals we touch during that time? Cleaning dishes in hot, soapy water can weaken your nails as well as the skin. Always remember to wear your weapon i.e rubber gloves whenever cleaning, make this a habit and you can thank me later!

Try these out, if not all then probably a few and I am sure you will be impressed with the differences these tiny things can make.
We love giving tips and hacks to people to avoid mistakes that they have been making their entire life in their makeup, nail care, and skincare routines.
If you are into makeup and stuff, read and learn guys!
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