How to create Sunset tangy eye makeup with gold shimmed & brown liner

 The beauty landscape is constantly evolving, and one trend has captured the essence of nature's beauty: the Sunset Tangy Eye Makeup look. This striking look combines warm tones of orange, pink, gold shimmer, and a touch of brown liner. This results in the creation of a captivating masterpiece on your eyelids. 

Imagine warm tones coming together smoothly to recreate the mesmerizing colors of a setting sun. This blog shares the secrets behind achieving the perfect Sunset Tangy Eye Makeup. It is complimented with the richness of gold shimmer and the depth of a brown liner. 

And who better to guide us through this makeup experience than Praush, the epitome of beauty innovation? 

Sunset tangy eye makeup look 

Why Sunset Tangy Eye Makeup Look?

Sunset Tangy Eye Makeup, characterized by vibrant oranges, pinks, golds, and purples, not only complements brown eyes but also serves as a canvas for self-expression. It's about capturing the essence of a warm, captivating sunset and translating it into a mesmerizing gaze that turns heads. Praush recognizes the importance of embracing these trends while offering products that elevate the beauty experience.

Step-by-Step Guide to Achieve the Sunset Tangy Eye Makeup 

Let's understand the magic behind this makeup trend and how you can achieve the same result in 9 simple steps.

Step 1: Prep Your Eyes

You need the perfect canvas for a long-lasting Sunset Tangy Eye Makeup look. Apply eyeshadow primer to your lids so that your eyeshadow stays vibrant and lasts longer. 

Utilize any eyeshadow Primer to ensure an even base, allowing your eyeshadow to wear evenly throughout the day. A bit of foundation or concealer will do the trick if a primer isn't on hand.

Step 2: Transition Shade

Use a smooth blending brush to apply a warm orange eyeshadow as a transition shade in the crease of your eyelid. Blend well to create a smooth transition.

Step 3: Build Depth

Apply a deeper shade, like a red or burgundy, to the outer V of your eye. Focus the shades on the outer corner and blend them slightly into the crease for depth.

Step 4: Add Tangy Tones

Apply a tangy pink or coral eyeshadow to the center of your eyelid. This will give the sunset effect and add a pop of color.

Step 5: Gold Shimmer

Apply a gold shimmer eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eye and the inner part of your eyelid. The Praush formula ensures a smooth application, and its crease-resistant nature guarantees a lustrous finish that lasts.

Step 6: Brown Liner

Line your upper lash line with brown eyeliner. To provide additional definition, you might draw a thicker line or a thinner one.

Step 7: Smudge the Liner

For a softer effect, smudge the brown liner gently with a cotton swab or smudging brush. This will give it a more worn-in look.

Step 8: Lower Lash Line

Apply orange, red, or burgundy shades to your lower lash line. Connect the outer corner with the eyeshadow on your upper lid for a cohesive look.

Step 9: Curl Lashes and Apply Mascara

To finish the look, use mascara after curling your lashes using an eyelash curler. For added drama, you can even apply artificial eyelashes if you'd like.

Why Choose Praush's Showstopper Eyeshadow Pallete as Your Makeup Partner?

Sunset tangy eye makeup look

Praush goes beyond being a beauty brand; it's a partner in your self-expression. Here's why Praush stands out:

  • Premium Quality with Zero Fallout

The Showstopper is a premium quality formulation that ensures no fallout during application. 

  • Highly Pigmented, Crease-Resistant Shades

The eyeshadows in this palette are not just colors but highly pigmented works of art. The crease-resistant formula ensures your masterpiece stays put, maintaining a flawless appearance all day.

  • Super Blendable & Smooth Formula

The 'The Showstopper' eyeshadows' very smooth and blendable texture makes application and blending a breeze. Whether you're a makeup beginner or a pro, the formula works with you to create perfection.

  • Travel-Friendly Packaging

On-the-go touch-ups and travel have never been more convenient. 'The Showstopper' comes in sleek and portable packaging, making it your ideal companion wherever you go. 

  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan & Free From Harmful Chemicals

'The Showstopper' Eyeshadow Palette is cruelty-free and vegan with pride, in line with your moral principles. Moreover, it is formulated without parabens, paraffin, and mineral oils, ensuring it is a safer and healthier option for your delicate skin.

  • Professional-grade Quality

Designed to meet the standards of professional makeup artists, each shade in 'The Showstopper' is crafted with precision and care. Experience exceptional quality and performance that guarantees stunning results every time you reach for this palette.


Creating a sunset tangy eye makeup look is an art, and Praush Beauty provides the perfect palette and tools. From the warmth of Upbeat, the brilliance of sway, and the precision of Perfect Savageto, each Praush shade contributes to a seamless and stunning look.

Make every gaze a showstopper with Praush Beauty. As you dive into the world of sunset eyes, let Praush be your trusted companion on this colorful journey.