Tips and Tricks for Applying Waterproof Kajal for Sensitive Eyes

Are you someone with sensitive eyes? It can be difficult to find the best makeup supplies. Among the essentials, Kajal has a special place in every woman's beauty kit. It highlights the eyes and gives them a hint of allure and mystery. 

If there is one makeup product that every Indian girl is first introduced to is a Kajal pencil. But finding the ideal waterproof kajal for sensitive eyes can be a journey in and of itself. Worry not! We've gathered the ultimate tips and tricks to make your Kajal application experience a breeze.  


Waterproof Kajal for Sensitive Eyes

Use Waterproof Kajal if You Have Sensitive Eyes

Sensitive eyes require extra caution. Invest in a premium, gentle-ingredient kajal. Opt for hypoallergenic and examined by an ophthalmologist. Waterproof Kajal helps your makeup stay in place without irritating your eyes. One of the most recommended choices would be Creme Gel Kajal Liner- Intense Black, 24 Hrs long, Siloxane Free Formula safe for sensitive eyes. It contains rosehip oil which is especially useful for preventing any type of inflammation.

Waterproof Kajal praush

Opt for creamy formulations

Creamy textures apply effortlessly and reduce the need for excessive pressure. You only need a light stroke to achieve that sharp look. Waterproof kajal pencils with soft tips are your best bet for sensitive eyes.

Prepare in Advance

Make sure your eyes are clean and dry before applying kajal. Eliminating all traces of previous moisturizers and makeup will help prevent irritation. 

The Art of Application

With a soft grip, hold the waterproof kajal pencil. Start at the outer corner along the waterline and work your way in. Do not pull or tug at your eyelids. The key to an application that is comfortable is a smooth motion.

Mindful Waterline Application

Apply waterproof kajal on the waterline rather than the lash line for sensitive eyes. This lessens the possibility of irritation by preventing direct contact with your eyes. Never forget that less is more.


Praush Kajal sensitive eyes

Avoid Applying Kajal to the Inner Corner

Avoid putting eyeliner in your eyes' inner corner. This region is more prone to kajal transfer to the tear ducts, which could irritate sensitive eyes.

Clean Tools for Healthy Eyes

Regularly clean your Kajal pencil sharpener to avoid bacteria buildup. Sharpened pencils offer a clean, smooth application that lowers the risk of eye irritation.


Please Don't Share

Don't share your eyeliner or waterproof kajal for sensitive eyes, just like you wouldn't share your toothbrush. Sharing these items makes it simple for germs to spread and can result in eye infections.

Lens-Friendly Kajal

Choose a smudge-proof kajal if you wear contact lenses. By doing this, you can keep any kajal residue off of your lenses and keep them clear. 1 Creme Gel Kajal Liner + 1 Constant Liner Bundle would be the perfect recommendation. Not only they are smudge-proof and buildable, they also last for almost 24 hrs long.

Hydration for Healthy Eyes

Eat foods high in antioxidants, get plenty of sleep, and drink lots of water. It's easier on the eyes when they're properly hydrated.

Kajal for sensitive eyes


Anybody who has access to the proper equipment and training can become an expert at applying kajal to their eyes. Because it is simpler to use and lasts longer, waterproof kajal wins. Accepting it is a good idea due to the calming effects of chamomile-infused kajal and the assurance that comes from knowing that it won't budge. Keep in mind that your eyes require special care because they are extremely sensitive.

You require the Praush waterproof kajal for sensitive eyes collection, whether you are an addict to beauty products or simply a creature of habit. These kajals' meticulous construction allows them to set a new standard for both fashion and comfort. Try Praush, the kajal that really cares, to take your eye makeup to the next level.