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5 Pcs Essentials Face Brush Set

5 Pcs Essentials Face Brush Set

4.67 ( 3 Reviews )
Rs. 2,100Rs. 1,890
P06 - Professional Highlighter Fan Brush

P06 - Professional Highlighter Fan Brush

4.9 ( 31 Reviews )
Rs. 450Rs. 418
P02 - Professional Angled Blush Brush

P02 - Professional Angled Blush Brush

4.84 ( 31 Reviews )
Rs. 640Rs. 595
P01 - Professional Powder Brush (Big)

P01 - Professional Powder Brush (Big)

4.79 ( 28 Reviews )
Rs. 640Rs. 595
P04 - Professional Flat Contour Brush

P04 - Professional Flat Contour Brush

4.82 ( 49 Reviews )
Rs. 640Rs. 595

About Praush's Must Have Pro Face Brushes

Shop Makeup Brushes Set for Beginners and Professionals

Makeup artists of all skill levels will appreciate Praush's extensive selection of high-quality makeup brush sets. Whether you're just starting or are a seasoned pro, you'll find the premium quality and Precision you need in our carefully selected range of brushes for flawless makeup application. 

Browse our variety to locate the cosmetics that will help you achieve your desired look. Take your time exploring our selection, and let your intuition guide you to the brushes that will become an extension of your unique style. 

Our Collection:

  1. 15 Pcs Professional Eye Brush Set with FREE Marble Makeup Pouch 

Our 15-piece eye brush set is the pinnacle of makeup artistry and was designed to meet the needs of both seasoned makeup artists and newcomers. This set simplifies the Makeup application, as each brush has been meticulously crafted to perfection. 

Shop Makeup Brushes set for Beginners and Professionals because of the bristles' gentle nature. The set's free marble makeup pouch is both practical and beautiful. This extensive set of brushes will help you look your best when applying eye makeup.


  • Ultimate Precision: These specially shaped brushes will help you achieve flawless eye makeup every time.
  • Effortless Blending: Blending and buffing are a breeze thanks to the brush's ultra-soft bristles, allowing even the most novice makeup artist to achieve professional results.


  • Masterful Eye Creations: Create stunning looks for your eyes, from smoky to sultry, with these expert tips.
  • Flawless Transition: Enjoy seamless color changes and expertly blended shadows.
  • Learning Made Easy: The learning curve with this set is nice and gradual, making it ideal for newcomers.
  • Chic Storage: Keep your brushes safe and sound until you're ready to create a masterpiece in the marble makeup pouch.
  1. 5 Pcs Essentials Face Brush Set 

Our five-piece essential face brush set will take your makeup application to the next level. Shop Makeup Brushes set for Beginners and Professionals, as the kit has everything a pro or amateur needs to create a flawless base. The premium quality brush hair and ultra-precise shape of each brush guarantee complete coverage and a silky application every time. This kit has you covered from foundation to powder.


  • Versatile Tools: This set is perfect for achieving a full face of makeup because it includes brushes for applying foundation, concealer, contour, and powder.
  • Effortless Application: The ultra-precise form and high-quality bristles ensure flawless, airbrushed results every time.


  • Perfect Foundation: The fluffy bristles simplify applying your foundation flawlessly all over your face.
  • High-Quality Vegan Brushes: Brushes by Praush are expertly made, and their unique combination of high-quality vegan bristles makes them ideal for any type of cosmetic application.
  1. 5 Basic Face + Eye Brush Set Combo 

Shop makeup brushes set for beginners and professionals and benefit from the five brushes included in our basic face and eye brush set. This set is perfect for both beginners and seasoned makeup artists because it contains essential tools for enhancing the look of your face and eyes. For flawless application of a wide range of styles, each brush has a remarkably tailored shape and high-quality brush hair.


  • This set is perfect for use with any cosmetic product because it contains an adequate number of face and eye brushes.
  • The soft bristles of this brush make blending and buffing your makeup into a flawless finish a breeze.
  • These brushes are perfect for traveling because of their compact size and lightweight.


  • Learning to blend well will give your appearance a polished, professional look.
  • Make a statement about who you are by using brushes that conform to your preferences and accentuate your attractive features.
  • The premium vegan bristles used to make Plume brushes allow for pinpoint control during application.
  1. Marble Makeup Pouch & PU Leather Roll-on Brush Bag (24 Brushes Capacity) 

Our Marble Makeup Pouch and PU Leather Roll-on Brush Bag will elevate your organization. Your ideal storage and transportation partners for your collection of makeup brushes are these accessories. 


  • Stylishly Organized: These bags are more than storage; they're your vanity's accessories.
  • Guardians of Glam: Keep your brushes protected and pampered with luxurious materials.
  • Space for Your Squad: The brush bag can fit up to 24 brushes; that's roomy.


  • Chic and Neat: Maintain a stylishly organized setup for your brushes.
  • Luxury for Your Brushes: Keep your tools safe in an elegant fashion.
  • Always Prepared: Your essential brushes are ready whenever you need them.

Customer Reviews:

  • "Excellent quality! Sturdy handles and great quality bristles. Affordable too!" - Tammana T
  • "The brushes are absolutely as I wanted them to be. They blend well & the sizes are perfect! Looking forward to buying more brush sets." - Rashmi Gujral
  • "Plume Brushes are one of the best I've tried so far! They are really good quality and blend the makeup within seconds. My new favorite!" - Shruti Pathak
  • “The Marble Makeup Pouch & PU Leather Roll-on Brush Bag is my ultimate organization tool because of its sleek design. It's cute, protects my brushes, and makes it simple to bring my makeup tools wherever I go. Love it.”- Neha Gupta