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About Praush's Shop-sponges

About Praush's Premium Velvet Makeup Sponges

Discover the epitome of makeup application luxury with Praush Beauty's exquisite range of premium makeup sponges in India. Crafted to perfection, these Premium Makeup sponges in India redefine the art of applying makeup, delivering flawless and professional results. From celestial softness to microfiber precision, each sponge in the collection offers a unique and tailored experience for makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. 

Whether you're a makeup newbie or a seasoned artist, our range of premium makeup sponges is here to redefine your makeup game.

Collection Highlights

  1. Original Celestial Super Soft Makeup Sponge

When it comes to high-end cosmetics, nothing beats our Original Celestial Super Soft Makeup Sponge. The Original Celestial Super Soft Makeup Sponge is unparalleled in softness and quality. 

Unique Selling Points (USPs):

  • Ultimate Softness: The Celestial Super Soft Makeup Sponge will take you on a journey of velvety softness. This makeup application sponge redefines luxury by gently stroking your skin like a gentle breeze.
  • Porous Perfection: Because of the exceptional porosity of the Celestial Sponge, your makeup will blend flawlessly with your skin, leaving behind a blank canvas that is truly a work of art.
  • Maximum Product Retention: Your favorite makeup items will last longer thanks to the Celestial Sponge's special composition, Premium Makeup sponge in India, which reduces product absorption.


  • Premium Material: Made with great care and attention to detail, this non-microfiber sponge is a testament to excellence. With every touch, you will feel the high-quality materials' promise of enduring quality and outstanding performance.
  • Enhanced Makeup Application: Up your makeup game with every swipe and dot. The porous nature of the sponge turns the application into an artistic endeavor and gives you a polished appearance that communicates volumes.
  • Cost-Effective Brilliance: Bring out your inner frugal spender. The Celestial sponge turns into your thrifty ally by reducing product waste, and extending the life of your prized makeup collection.

2. Original Microfiber Velvet Contour & Baking Sponge:

Innovation meets application with the Original Microfiber Velvet Contour and baking Sponge. Step into a world where excess product absorption becomes a thing of the past. This Premium Makeup sponge in India features a microfiber velvet layer that preserves your makeup and elevates your application game.


  • Microfiber Innovation: With the help of this ingenious marvel's microfiber velvet layer, which protects your makeup, you can indulge in your cosmetics guilt-free.
  • Airbrushed Finish: Your makeup routine deserves a little magic with an airbrushed finish. With the help of this sponge, you can create an airbrushed masterpiece that turns your canvas into a flawless work of art rather than just applying makeup.
  • Versatility Personified: With this sponge, you can experiment and create looks appropriate for every situation and mood. It transitions from damp to dry applications with ease.


  • Economic Makeup Usage: The microfiber velvet layer protects your makeup, ensuring you maximize its use and treasure every drop.
  • Easy to Use: This sponge is warmly welcoming, whether wet or dry and makes applying makeup simple for both amateurs and professionals.
  • Ethical and Safe: In addition to enhancing your beauty, this vegan, latex-free, and cruelty-free sponge upholds your morals and guarantees a flawlessly kind experience.

3. Original Microfiber Velvet Sponge Blush (Pink) 

Experience radiance like never before with our Microfiber Velvet Sponge Blush. The same innovative design of the Microfiber Velvet Sponge is now in a stunning blush pink hue. This Premium Makeup sponge in India redefines how you apply and blend makeup, ensuring every application is flawlessly radiant.


  • Microfiber Magic: Each makeup application becomes a glamorous event thanks to its alluring blush pink hue, adding elegance to functionality.
  • Flawless Elegance: This sponge blends makeup with effortless airbrushed elegance, elevating your appearance to a beguiling display of sophistication.
  • Durable Beauty: Unveil the secret of longevity. This sponge was designed to maintain its shape and functionality over time; it isn't just for looks; it's an investment that keeps on giving.


  • Sustainable Makeup Usage: You can cherish your cosmetics and set out on a sustainable journey with the help of the microfiber velvet layer, which stands guard over your makeup.
  • All-Occasion Applicator: This pink velvet sponge is a Premium Makeup sponge in India. It effortlessly adapts to your desired look, no matter the occasion, and is your go-to makeup companion for all your makeup adventures.
  • Long-lasting Investment: Its longevity guarantees that your beauty routine has a touch of luxury that lasts, demonstrating that quality endures.

Customer Reviews:

  1. Ruchi Arora: Fantastic! Blur primer is my new favorite, I guess. I love the texture, and it is so hydrating. The plume sponge is soft and doesn't soak the product inside, so less product is wasted.
  2. Amisha Kumawat: Softest Makeup Blender Ever. Soft, Easy To Use, Doesn't Absorb Any Product, and blends Very Well.
  3. Shreya Mathur: Love This Sponge! This Is The BEST Sponge I Have Ever Used. The 3-Point Unique Shape Makes Blending More Easy Overall.