All about choosing the perfect face primer for your skin!

Ever wondered how embarrassing it is when your makeup starts to crack or create patches in random areas of your face? Your pores are fully visible, your T- zone is too oily and the base is cracking, this is too hard to imagine as well. I know you will 100 % agree with me on this. 

Face Primer suited for your skin type is that secret ingredient that you definitely need to be on top of the makeup game! Believe me or not, either you can’t live without primers or you haven’t even tried them ever. 

Primers play the barrier between your foundation and skin just like your best friend plays the barrier between you and your bad decisions (Pun intended). Coming back to the topic, primers provide a smooth canvas by blurring your pores, hiding the texture and imperfections for flawless glammed-up makeup. Come on love, you need it! 

But, the question stands what type of primers should we use for a particular skin type? There are n number of face primers in the market with different textures, ingredients and formulations, choosing the best one for your skin type can be a task and who likes one more task added to the To-Do list? 

So, scroll down to know the secret ingredient and keep it forever:

1- For Oily Skin Beauties

You have enough oil to glow from the time you wake up to the time you go back to bed. A bloating paper and wet wipes are your best friends, I know I feel you!Keeping your face matte with a lightweight textured product is all you need to be oil-free, A gel-based mattifying primer is the right choice for you. A lightweight formula to mattify the face, especially the T zone area with or even without makeup to get an oil-free matte everyday look.

Praush (Formerly Plume) PRO Recommendation: Say No Pore Mattifying and Skin Perfecting Gel Primer  is the product you need under your makeup to have that perfect flawless look. This primer checks all the points:

  • Mattifying and skin-perfecting formula
  • Blurs the pores 
  • Hides fine lines and imperfections
  • Provides a smooth canvas for makeup 
  • Vegan and Cruelty-free

2- For Dry Skin Beauties 

It becomes a necessity to hydrate your skin when it's a drought out there. It's an uncomfortable condition where your skin is always itching, cracking or flaking. It is exactly like it sounds, no kidding guys! 

A super hydrating and glowy face primer is all that you need which will nourish your skin and restore it throughout the day making it glow seamlessly. 

Praush (Formerly Plume) PRO Recommendation: Silk Blur Moisturizing Primer is what you have been missing on! With the goodness of Avocado extract and Hyaluronic Acid, this baby will keep your skin hydrated, nourished and super glowy. It works as a moisturizer as well as a primer, I mean this is fancy! It blurs out the pores like no other leaving a dewy and fresh finish and also makes the makeup stays flawless all day without any touchups.


3- For Combination Skin Beauties 

Combination Skin people are either lurking towards cream-based products or gel-based products, just like people lurk between saving money or spending it. I mean I get it, its difficult. There are 100s of advice and reviews you can get and out of which only 2-3 worked for you. Your T zone area is oily and needs to get matte and the rest of the face is dry which needs to be nourished, it is what it is. 

Using 2 products on your face will do exactly what your skin needs, a gel-based primer on the T zone area and a cream-based hydrating primer on the rest. It is the best way to ace that base, I swear! Try it and thank me later. 

Praush (Formerly Plume) PRO Recommendation: Use Silk Blur Moisturizer Primer on the face where you feel dryness or flakiness and Say No Pore Mattifying Gel Primer on your T zone to make that area super matte and oil-free.


4- For Acne Prone Skin Beauties 

Acne Prone Skin needs a good primer the most as they are dealing with oily and sensitive areas at the same time. Your skin has a higher chance of breaking out whenever you are going for heavy makeup so skin prep is crazy important. Using a lightweight gel-based primer is ideal to prep the skin for multiple layers. Say No Pore mattifying and skin-perfecting Primer  is a WIN-WIN.


5- For Mature Skin Beauties

Fine lines, wrinkles and patchiness all need an extra layer of love to boost and smoothen out the texture and allow the skin to breathe and glow at its best. A well-hydrated and blurring primer will be an ideal choice for you. Prep and flaunt your instant glow with our Silk Blur Moisturizing Primer.


All skin, texture and imperfections are beautiful in their own way. It's super amazing to be fully satisfied with your own skin and you need to celebrate each and every bit of it. Face primers are just a way to give that instant smooth canvas to keep your makeup in place without affecting your skin directly hence it becomes an absolute necessity to use the best for yourself! 

Love, Prep and Glam your skin with the best!