Makeup Tips For This Wedding Season

Weddings are all about getting ready, dancing, having fun, glam and glitz, thus your makeup should be such that it complements the whole lit vibe. We got your back to transform you into a glamorous, sizzling head-turner of the event! 

Here are some mind-blowing tips to ace your makeup game making it even more flawless, try and see the difference yourself. 

BEWARE: 100s of Compliments are coming your way!!

From getting a glowy and dewy base that sits just right to eye makeup that compliments your blingiest traditional wear and pulling off that selfie game, know all makeup secrets for this wedding season. 

If your base is at ace, you are already winning. 

Opt for strobe creams:

If you are not already using this then this is the time to invest in one. Strobes creams are literally a game changer in creating any makeup look. You will actually feel that ‘glow-from-within’ once you apply it. Mix your strobe cream with your high-coverage foundation to get that seamless glowy base. 

Pro Tip: Mix your highlighter/illuminator with Praush (Formerly Plume) Silk Blur Moisturizing Primer to make your own strobe formula that will be hella nourishing and dewy! 


Bake for the Win: 

If you want to enjoy the wedding without worrying about your makeup then baking is for you. Bake concealers; not only cakes! Take some loose powder or compact powder and set your concealed areas with it. Let it sit for that smooth, crease-free finish, making the base super long-lasting.

Pro Tip: Use our Praush (Formerly Plume) Microfibre velvet sponge that is apt for baking because of its super beneficial shape. It will make your baking game fuss-free and clean.


Compliment colors with outfits

Go bold with light-colored outfits: 

Popping bold colors with subtle outfits looks not only glamorous but also on point. The key is to balance out the colors, pop and glitter to slay the day. Go for a nude brown eye look with red lips, so classic, or play with the eyeshadow and pull off a nude lip. 

Pro Tip: For perfect pouty red lips go for Praush (Formerly Plume) Luxe matte liquid lipsticks in the shade Flirtist and for nude lips go for the shade High Tea in Plush Matte Lipstick

Be minimal with bright- blingy outfits:

Soft glowy makeup will retain balance and softness with a bright, heavy detailed outfit. You can use all your knowledge by watching Instagram tutorials of Clean/Rich girl makeup look’. An all-time favorite nude look will save your day. 



Smokey with bold Black outfits:

If Too-Hot-To-Handle is your mantra then this will suit you the best. Go full brown/ black/ green smokey eye look with a perfect wing liner for that additional drama. Choose a lipstick shade that compliments your skin tone and outfit. 

Pro Tip: Choosing an eyeliner that won’t crack and that is sweat resistant because of all your dancing is crucial, go for Praush (Formerly Plume) Constant Liner and you will be thankful. 

How much Bling is Too Much Bling? You can never tell.

Accessorise at your best:

Don’t match but compliment your accessories with the outfit. Throw on some jhumkas, pearls, chokers, necklaces etc to accentuate your whole look. Choose a bag to keep up with your personality and oh girl, you are ready! 

Accessories can make or break your look in seconds, choose wisely! Going overboard with accessories can harm your whole look, for example, if you are wearing a heavy mang tikka then opt for lighter earrings and vice versa. 

Add some MORE shimmer:

It's no offense to dip yourself in highlighters this wedding season to bring that ‘oh-my-glow’ effect. Choose a natural-looking highlighter that matches your skin tone and swipe a fan brush over your high points. 

Make that shimmery eyeshadow stay perfectly by spraying the setting spray on the brush first. 

Decide your outfits and leave everything else to us. Just follow these tips and tricks to have a glamorous wedding season, you sure will be a head-turner!