Don’t Kiss ‘N’ Tell!

Valentine’s Day is all about LOVE! 

So this Valentine’s Day, make as much love as you want to  without having to Kiss and Tell!😉

While you’re busy making plans for V-Day, we have done the legwork and curated some tips for you on “how to pick the perfect lip shade according to your makeup and outfit.”

With Praush’s Luxe Matte Lipsticks that won’t transfer, dry out your lips or fade quickly, you’ll be spoilt with choices! Whether you love timeless Reds, classic pink lips or millennial nudes, we have got it all! 

Now put on your best outfit and find the perfect shade that will make your crush go head over heels for you!


Here’s how you should pick the perfect lip shade-

1 - If you have done heavy eye makeup, go with a nude lip shade to balance your makeup. You can choose any of the following lip shades depending on what goes with your outfit the best and compliments your skin tone.

2 - If you’re wearing a nude/brown/black outfit, opt for a bright lip shade. Timeless reds and popping pink and peach lips will make you stand out without having to put in much effort.

3 - If you love to flaunt a red lip, it is always preferable to wear minimalist eye makeup so that your lips stay the center of attraction. Wearing heavy makeup with red lips, might make your face look ashy and dull.


Grab these Luxe Matte Liquid Lipsticks and get the dreamiest pout ever! These babies do not transfer, stay for upto 10 hours and feel super hydrating so you can eat, sip and kiss without it transferring!

We hope you found these tips useful and now you’ll be able to better pick your perfect pout!



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