Finally, it's here! Winters are here! Chill and love are in the air already and something is missing. Yes,  I am talking about the special super cute winter glow. 

Irritated, flaky, and dry skin remains the norm every winter season - We Say No! 

If you are facing this, then you have yet to try our amazing range of products and follow these few tips to flaunt a healthy glow. 

Using the right products with the right techniques will provide you with that instant flush of glow as if you just saw your crush. This season has the best of the best sweet cravings, chilly morning rides and of course the Christmas decor, so don't let your skin feel any dull anymore!

Here are some super awesome tried and tested makeup tips that you can follow for that amazing instant glow that will remain intact through the chills!


The first and crucial step of your routine should be prepping the skin just like you prep yourself for a busy day ahead, yeah? 

The skin needs some extra care and love from you, especially in the chilly season. Start with using the best Praush (Formerly Plume) Silk Blur Moisturizing Primer to hydrate your skin and restore all the nourishment that it has lost.

Silk blur is hands down the best moisturizer for all skin types for winter if you need super moisturized, hydrated with Hyaluronic Acid and glowy skin with the nourishment of Avocado extract, this will not only give you a smooth glowy finish but also works as pore filling primer. 2 in1 product worth every penny, agreed? You will need only this product as your travel buddy to make your skin look wonderful.


Starting off with the makeup, the first thing you need is a glowy, dewy base and for that, we have a perfect tip for you, just sharing because I think we vibe a lot! If you own a strobe cream, good for you and if not then you just need to mix your bestie Silk Blur Moisturizing Primer that's the best glowing moisturizer with any highlighter or any illuminating powder to make your special strobe cream. Just apply a layer of that and you’ll glow from within throughout the day, quite literally.

A flawless dewy look will only be achieved if you avoid super matte foundations, it will eventually make your makeup dry and patchy during the winter season. Use a dewy foundation for that amazing glimmer on your face.

PRO TIP: An airbrushed blending of foundation can be done by no other than our best-seller, Celestial Super Soft Sponge . This is recommended by top makeup artists and influencers, just use it and you’ll know why it's India’s Cult Favourite makeup sponge!


The key to a glowy makeup finish is to only use cream/ liquid products to give your face some dimension and avoid the usage of powder products. Only use compact powder/ loose powder on the areas you have concealer just to set that and not on the full face to avoid flakiness.

You can use Praush (Formerly Plume) Luxe Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Blush Babe and mix it with Silk Blur to form a flattering liquid blush that will give you a stunning pink flushed glow. I mean, you will use this hack for the rest of your life, YESS!

You can totally ace ongoing social media viral trends like the Cold Girl Makeup Look with this super easy and quick hack that will not only look amazing but also stays until the goodnights!

PRO TIP:  A flawless airbrushed blending of cream products can be done by our best of the best sponges especially designed for blending Blush and Contours. Use our Microfibre Blush and Contour Sponge for that absolute studio finish blending.


Winter dewy makeup is incomplete without a super hydrating and pigmented lip gloss and we have the perfect options for you. Super stunning shades with the right amount of shine that your makeup needs to look like a Winter Queen are no other than Praush (Formerly Plume) Luxe Liquid Lipsticks in the shade - Glow Getter and Dollish. They are the most pigmented glosses ever with the right mix of comfort for your lips and shine, just the way we like!

Glow Getter is just the gloss that you need when you want your natural lips to look better and glossy, a super nude brown gloss. On the other hand, Dollish is a soft nude pink gloss to add that pinkish tint to your whole look!


And TA-DA! Your winter glowy, dewy look is ready in no time. These hacks and tips work like charm whenever you want that additional glow in this chilly season. Do not worry about dry skin and dull makeup during the chills when you have us! 

Enjoy the winter chills to the coziest, look glowy and stay hydrated!