The MUST-HAVE lipstick shades for this Wedding Season

Weddings call for fantastic food, glamour, colors and of course endless dance wars. From the outfit to makeup to hairstyle to accessories, everything has to be tip-top, you cannot afford to miss on anything. Talking about makeup, winter weddings are also the best time to experiment with sophisticated & alluring lipstick shades

With the Winter season here, choosing the right lipstick shade that goes with the seasonal trends as well as complements your attire is crucial. 

Every woman is looking for that perfect set of lipstick that doesn’t transfer at all while eating and stays till the goodbyes. I know I just read your mind and am here for the rescue.

Praush (Formerly Plume) Plush & Luxe Matte Lipstick Range will become your best companion because it has checked every requirement and is actually better than your expectations! No kidding. 

Color coordinate with the outfits to find your perfect match from the following Winter Wedding Shade Recommendations, here you go:


Selecting the right comfortable lipstick, from a varied shade range, hydrating as well as Matte, transfer-proof and obviously long-lasting, bringing Praush (Formerly Plume) Plush Matte and Luxe Matte Liquid Lipsticks to the rescue! 

Go Pretty with Praush (Formerly Plume)

Praush (Formerly Plume) shades really match the mood and the vibes for a chilly Winter Wedding and it undoubtedly complements every colored attire. No matter the skin tone, occasion or outfit, a vibrant plum shade flatters everyone. With n number of options in the market, its a task to pick one perfect shade. To make your life easier, here are our recommendations, from Fuschia to bold wine- Its all here! 

Plush Matte Lipsticks

A classic light pink shade to bring out the feminine side, best to match with bright-colored outfits. 


This shade is mixed with Mauve with hints of Pink making it a perfect shade to catch everyone’s attention. 

Wine o'Clock 

This is a stunning wine shade with neutral undertone, go for this when you are confused between Pinks and Reds- You will thank us. Super vibrant and bold! 

Happy Hour 

This shade is actually a happy color, a bold dark maroon shade best to flatter all skin tones and types.

Luxe Matte Liquid Lipsticks:


Highly pigmented nude pink gloss with the right amount of shine that you can wear with literally anything and we bet it will look super chic. 

Kinda Famous

A stunning mix of darker shades of pink and brown matte to make your   look absolutely famous just because of your Lips! The shade, texture and formula of this lipstick are to die for! 

Blush Babe 

A nude pink matte shade for the wedding where you actually want to be a blush babe. It will definitely lift and brighten your look up. 


A darker shade of pink that is 100% matte, gives the feel of an absolute royal and makes you look like a queen. Those rosy cheeks and pink lips are your go-to when you are in doubt, it will accentuate your whole look on any occasion.

Go Romantic with Reds 

When in doubt, wear a Red shade. There is something about this shade that not only looks superb but also gives Star-Girl confidence. A bold, bright and classic red shade is something that has to be in your vanity for that lovely powerful pout selfies, this wedding season! 

The best ones are listed below:

In Plush Matte Lipsticks

Kiss Me RED

Put on some red lipstick and live a little!  A Hot Red shade with soft eyes will make your lips speak louder than words. This shade will exactly give you that sexy babe vibe.   


A brick red shade to complement the wedding attire and the accessories. This shade will be a perfect muted red that gives the oomph and sophistication at its best.

In Luxe Matte Liquid Lipsticks


A pure red matte shade is your best friend, it literally brings the A game and suits every age, skin and personality. A red lip can never go wrong but always bring out the confidence in you. A rich texture and bold color will definitely be a head-turner with all the sensual and sexy feel.


Go Neutral-Natural with Nudes and Browns 

In Plush Matte Lipsticks

High Tea 

This shade will be your match if you are into bolder eyes and nude lips. High Tea is a cool-tone brown shade that looks super sophisticated and chic. 


An absolute favorite shade in nude pink - a stunning muted shade to match your sensual eye look. 

Coffee Date 

Coffee shades are the best browns, Really! This shade is definitely a pure coffee brown shade that looks amazing on all skin tones and will of course make you crave coffee!

 In Luxe Matte Liquid Lipsticks:

Glow Getter

A nude brown pigmented gloss that is sure to suit anyone and everyone. This gloss is all you need with a full smokey eye, put this on and slay, girl! 

Insta Sista

A matte nude peachy brownish shade to complement your whole look. A soft peach/ pink look is all you need to bring your A game. 

Drama Mama 

A dramatic brownish-red matte to lift your mood up for all the wedding fun, this shade is the perfect go-to shade that will literally look up, complement and accentuate your attire.


All these shades are amazing and well-suited for weddings and other functions, we have a  total of 9 flattering shades for Plush Matte as well as in Luxe Matte for you to choose from according to your preference, attire and mood. 

Find your perfect shade and let us know by tagging us in your Instagram pictures :)